Kickstand Upgrade

Kickstands are looked upon like training wheels in some cycling circles. They do add weight, but can be a real advantage with a loaded bike in urban settings. They can help when securing the bike, allowing the bike to set near rack or post without chewing up the frame or in a rack without bending a rim. I had installed a typical cast aluminum single-leg kickstand in my Trek PDX, but the addition of a front basket reached the limit of stability for that option and I went looking for a double kickstand like the ones I found on cargo bikes. Some of those stands are large steel contraptions and the legs are in a fixed vee and swing up on each side of the bike. I wanted something lighter and more compact and found the Massload CL-KA56 stand. It is cast aluminum with adjustable length plastic feet and a clever arrangement that brings both legs up together on the left side of the bike with no issues with chain clearance on the right. It also clears the crank arms and pedals, so I can actually rotate the pedals completely which is great for tuning up the drive train. The bike can teeter-totter a bit with one wheel or the other 1″ or so off the ground, so either wheel can be spun for tuning and repairs. With no load, it tends to balance with the rear wheel off the ground. The feet have a broader bottom than the spiky single stand and should be more stable on soft ground. It does weigh 540g (1.19lb)— no free lunch! It reminds me of my motorcycle.

The installation was trouble-free. The stand came with a hex bolt and a top plate and also included a shorter Allen head bolt and lock washer. I found that the PDX has a bottom brace with a hole that allows the kickstand to be mounted without the additional top clamp and the front and rear edges are rolled down to provide a lip which keeps the stand from rotating. Tighten the bolt and go!


Massload KA-56 kickstand
Kickstand deployed
Massload KA-56 kickstand
Kickstand stowed

2 thoughts on “Kickstand Upgrade

  1. Bill Chance August 2, 2014 / 8:33 pm

    I’ve been wanting a kickstand on my commuter/cargo bike. This looks like a great option.

    Thanks for sharing.

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