Dirtbag Fingerless Cycling Gloves from Home Depot

I was at Home Depot tonight on a “mission” and found these Grease Monkey fingerless gloves for $10. My summer biking gloves have a big hole and I’ve been waiting for a good deal. IMHO, the construction and design are better than my Cannondale gloves that have big holes after one season.


I don’t care for padded gloves and these have flat “pleather” palm reinforcements. There is a big fleecy sweat mop section all the way down the back of the thumb too. I could do without the rubber knuckle guard, but that’s not a deal breaker. The pair of size large weigh 2.2oz on my scale.

I’m liking that little Grease Monkey logo— a working man’s “Hello Kitty” đŸ™‚

I have some long-fingered biking gloves, but I saw some Safety Orange ones that will make fine urban assault biking gloves when the time comes to replace them.

When it comes to waterproof gloves, I once saw a fellow cruising down the street on a beater bike in the rain wearing bright yellow dishwashing gloves. I thought that was a ultimate dirtbag equipment approach

Fingerless gloves rock with trekking poles too.

grease monkey gloves 1

grease monkey gloves 3

grease monkey gloves 2



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