Timbuk2 Metro Mini Messenger Bag as a Pannier

I found a Timbuk2 Metro model mini messenger bag in a thrift store and saw the potential to use it as a small pannier bag. I added a couple plastic carabiners to the existing shoulder strap D-rings and it fit perfectly on my Topeak Explorer rack without any further adaptation— truly a 60 second project. I would consider this a fair weather rig as the bag is not waterproof and the top of the bag has a simple flap closure. It makes a perfect size for tools, snack, wind shell and camera.

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On Bicycles and Tools

noun: tool; plural noun: tools
1. a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.

I like tools. They help me earn a living, to keep my life in order, give me some independence, and aid creative output. And I like tools just for the design, the form and function. Some are quite beautiful and clever. I know how to use tools, so having them is an extension of my knowledge and ability. I’m smarter with tools at hand, so more is better— maybe.

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