Woo Hoo! New MKS RMX Sneaker Pedals!

My bike originally came with toothy Wellgo LU-970 mountain bike pedals that I found small and not very friendly to my shins. I swapped them out for Kona Jackshit platform pedals and unfortunately, they lived up to their name, developing an annoying click  every time the right pedal crossed the 2 0’clock mark after less than 400 miles service. I put the Wellgo pedals back on and started looking for another pair of platform pedals.

I can count EIGHT small wounds on my right shin from the teeth on the Wellgo pedals. When walking the bike through crowds, pushing up steep hills and just general riding it’s all too easy to have my shin connect with the pedal when wearing shorts. I often use a grocery style pannier that hangs out 8″-9″, creating a small pocket for me to walk in– or lean the bike more radically to clear the panniers which isn’t practical in tight quarters. I’m not a performance-oriented rider and I normally ride very tame country, so I don’t need radical pedals.

I was reading Shawn Granton’s Urban Adventure League blog and noted that he was using MKS Lambda pedals on his new bike. Rivendell Bicycle Works sells these pedals as Grip King’s and while surfing their catalog I found the MKS RMX pedals that Rivendell calls the Sneaker pedal.

Kurt Pederson is one of the founders of Rivendell Bicycle Works and in his book Just Ride, he advocates riding bicycles in whatever clothing you normally wear rather than suiting up in Spandex. I’m very much a fan of that concept and I don’t wear toe clips or use clipless pedals and shoes. I wear Keen sandals or oxfords in town and low top hikers when I’m off pavement and I want pedals that allow me to get on the bike and go, regardless of the shoes I’m wearing.

I’m also a fan of practical gear at reasonable cost (yeah, I’m CHEAP) and I really didn’t want to drop $100 on pedals, which isn’t hard to do in the bicycle parts universe. The MKS Lambda pedals looked good, but the RMX pedals have more meat in the middle so I went that direction. I found a bargain pair on eBay  and they arrived today. I had them installed 15 minutes after the mailman pulled away from the mailbox and took them for a 1.5 mile round trip to the grocery store.

I like ’em! They feel quite natural and they aren’t the least bit slippery when wearing my Keen H2 sandals. My feet align well, leaving my heels clear of the chain stays (which has been a problem). The best thing I can say is that I’m not conscious of the pedals or making an effort to position my feet: I can just hop on and ride.  They are part of the bike and me too.

The MKS RMX pedals in the silver color. 384g per pair
The MKS RMX pedals in the silver color. 384g per pair
The MKS RMX compared with Wellgo LU-970 pedals
The MKS RMX compared with Wellgo LU-970 pedals
Mounted on a Shimano Hollowtech crank
Mounted on a Shimano Hollowtech crank
And sized up with my size 11D Keen Briggs shoes
And sized up with my Keen Briggs shoes, .

One thought on “Woo Hoo! New MKS RMX Sneaker Pedals!

  1. bribikes September 9, 2015 / 6:12 pm

    Nice! They look much tamer than the original shark-tooth version 🙂

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