Dirtbag Handlebar Bag and Pannier: the Military Buttpack

I was searching the shelves in a thrift store and came across a military buttpack made to use with webbing load gear, much like a civilian “fanny pack.” I immediately saw the potential for use as a bike bag: with all the MOLLE webbing mounts on the back, it could be mounted on a rack as a pannier or looped over the handlebars.

The bag was made by Fox Outdoor. It is made of coated nylon pack cloth and has the ACU digital camouflage pattern. The main compartment measures 7.5″ wide, 4.5″ deep and 10″ tall, with an 8″ internal extension collar that adds another 4″ practical space when rolled and buckled. There are three outer side pockets that hold 16″ bike style water bottles. The lid has a 4″ x 6″ x 2″ zippered pocket on the top and another pocket on the inside. I estimate the total volume as approximately 11 liters. It weighs 23.6 ounces on my scale.

buttpack 1
The business side of the pack
buttpack 3
Under the lid is a light nylon roll-top extension collar with a buckle
buttpack 4
The MOLLE webbing system on the back allows many options for mounting

buttpack pannier 1

Mounted on a Blackburn TRX-2 rack

buttpack pannier 2

buttpack pannier 3

The straps can be woven in and around the rack tubing. No plastic to rattle!

buttpack handlebar bag 1
Mounted on Origin8 Citi Classic handlebars
buttpack handlebar bag 4 buttpack handlebar bag 3

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