Dirtbag Handlebar Bag and Pannier: the Military Buttpack

I was searching the shelves in a thrift store and came across a military buttpack made to use with webbing load gear, much like a civilian “fanny pack.” I immediately saw the potential for use as a bike bag: with all the MOLLE webbing mounts on the back, it could be mounted on a rack as a pannier or looped over the handlebars.

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Dirtbag Fingerless Cycling Gloves from Home Depot

I was at Home Depot tonight on a “mission” and found these Grease Monkey fingerless gloves for $10. My summer biking gloves have a big hole and I’ve been waiting for a good deal. IMHO, the construction and design are better than my Cannondale gloves that have big holes after one season.


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Dirtbag Bike Fender

I spent an afternoon wandering around downtown Seattle, “hunting” bikes. I didn’t find much, but this  beater Norco bike locked to a signpost caught my eye because of the total dirtbag rear fender created from baling wire and a scrap of thin plywood— looks like a chicnk of packing crate. I imagine it may have started out longer, but that’s not an absolute. It is a study in make-do practical minimalism: it’s just enough to block the stream of spray up the rider’s backside.

dirtbag fender 1 dirtbag fender 2